Our Pricing Plans

Basic Plan

40 hours

 virtual Assista

Standard Plan

80 hours

Virtual Assistant

Unlimited Tasks

Premium Plan

130 hours

Virtual Assistant

Relationship Manager

Support Team

Unlimited Tasks

You can work with a dedicated virtual assistant on a month-to-month basis with one of our package plans above.

We also offer a Starter Plan (10 hours/month) and project-based packages, along with special pricing for monthly plans above 100 hours/month.

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Is There A Start-Up Fee?


Is Do I Have To Sign A Contract?

Yes, after your initial 90-day commitment, the service agreement becomes a month to month contract. Once that happens, then it can be canceled at any time with 30 days prior written notice (email).

How Do I Know What My VA Is Doing?

Our virtual assistants use time-tracking software and send you a report at the end of each week showing how many hours were used and what was done in that time.

Are There Any Minimum Deliverables?

Yes, you can purchase a minimum 10 hour block at our project rate or select one of our monthly packages that start at 40 hours per month.  Our experience is that 40 hours will give you the amount of time needed to see a difference in your business from working with a VA

What Happens If I Don't Use All My Hours?

We’re pros at what we do, and will help you choose the plan that’s right for you. That may mean starting small in the beginning and adding hours as needed. Our experience has been that people need more time, not less

How Are Payment Processed?
We offer a credit card and PayPal option for payment. All plans are pre-paid.
Can I Change My Plan?
Yes. If your needs change you can scale your package up or down each month with 15-30 days prior written notice.
Can I Share My VA other Team Members?
Yes, your virtual assistant can also support other members of your team without any increased rates. The hours used for each team member will go towards the plan you purchased.
How Do We Get Started?
It’s easy! We start with a free discovery call where we’ll discuss your needs and see where we can support you best. Most times we’re a fit, sometimes we’re not. We’ll talk through everything and help you decide. It’s part of our boutique approach.
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